Completed Talks

2016 Talks

28th January
        My life as a comedy freelance writer - Nick Thomas

11th February
        From Stourhead to Stanpit - Ron Taylor

25th February
        Bhutan - The Kingdom of Rare Plants - Rosemary Legrand

10th March
        Beatrice - A Kingston Lacy Housemaid - David Smith

28th April
        Retired Governor of the Falkland Islands Governor - Nigel Haywood

26th May
        The Siege of Paris of 1870-71 - Ashley Lawrence

23rd June
        My Life of a Stunt Performer - Denise Ryan

13th October
        Dame Helen Ghosh; National Trust Director General

2015 Talks

22nd January
        Dorset Coast Naturally - John Combes

12th February
        Britain's Roads and Inland Transport - Trevor Fulton

26th February
        The Beauty and History of Wilton House Gardens - John Kitching

12th March
        Working as a Royal Couturier - Maureen Rose

22nd October
        Mantovani and his Music - Paul Barrett

12th November
        The Dorset Victoria Crosses 1857 - 1944 - Kevin Patience

26th November
        The Treasures of Dorset - Christopher LeGrand

2014 Talks

9th October
        Indian Hindu Arranged Marriage - Amit and Nidhi Gupta

23rd October
        The Feast of the Navitas - David Smith

13th November
        Our Shrinking World - Pete Gammage

27th November
        A Saga of Sunken Secrets - Shirley Critchley


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